A colorful sleep
Protecting me from nightmares
In my flower bed

what is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is an important part of the human experience. Simply put, it is the ability we have to understand our own feelings, as well as the feelings of others. To use those feelings to enhance our thinking and our understanding of the world and our complex inner workings. EI allows us to process our trauma, learn about ourselves from it, and continue to grow towards improving our lives and interactions with others. One of the ways to develop emotional intelligence is through mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a practice of being aware of our emotions, thoughts, and their origins. It is actively "thinking about my thinking". With mindfulness, we can understand the connection between our experiences and the thoughts and feelings that result from them. This is especially important for hurtful or traumatic experiences. Being mindful of these factors improves our ability to acknowledge and deal with our emotions, and to have agency over our behaviors and decisions when we have challenging feelings. It also allows us to understand the emotional, psychological and behavioral process of others, which is the foundation of the development empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings, thoughts and behaviors of other people - to know that the development of those structures are appreciable. With a healthy sense of empathy, one can easily develop compassion for others, no matter who they are. With empathy, we can improve our relationships through sincere and intimate communication, practice patience, and strengthen the bonds within our community and families. 

Make Your Medicine is a movement that seeks to explore our truest feelings, develop mindfulness, build empathy and create a supportive environment, through workshops, discussions, and creative collaboration. The goal of MYM is to normalize the acknowledgement of emotional sensitivity, to encourage connection and compassion, and to prioritize our mental health.


Adam Ortiz is an artist, speaker, and suicide prevention specialist. He is the father of Ciro Ortiz, kid-therapist, known internationally as the EmotionalAdviceKid. In 2017 he was invited to the New York Hall of Science for a TedXTalk on the subject of connection and co-parenting, and holds collaborative workshops and speaking engagements advocating Emotional Intelligence.